Welcome to Squished Eyeball Download page
Squished Eyeball is a Silicon Atelier company that creates video based sensing software for
artists that can be used in performance or installation settings. The software
runs within the MAX environment and is available from Cycling '74 and IRCAM.

Robb Lovell

Eyes 7.2 beta is now available for OS/X! Works with Jitter!
Announcing the release of Eyes 7.2 for XMAX. Eyes is software for MAX that allows
you to capture images from a camera and manipulate them in real time enabling a
computer understand what is happening in an environment through the use of visual

New features include: Separate graphical specification of sensor areas. New sensor
shapes including rectangles, lines, polygons, and grids. New objects including better
region.tracking, histograms, averaging, background subtraction, color thresholding
Jitter and Nato support and more.

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To purchase eyes goto the download page

udpgoo is a MAX objects that can be used with otudp. The object can
pass any data from max through the otudp object to a remote location. Based on Scott
Wilson's udp2.
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symchange is an object that works like the change object only it takes any data type in max.
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