Squished Download
Eyes version 7.2 beta (Os/X only, FREE)
Download Eyes 7.2 for OS/X Here Free Download (x-max)
Eyes SDK 7.2 (make your own eyes objects) Free Download (x-max)
Eyes version 7.1 (Os/9 only, one month free demo)
Download Eyes 7.1 for OS/9 Here Free Download (os9 max)
Eyes SDK 7.1 Free Download (0s9 max)
udpgoo 1.3 (xmax and 0s/9 max) Free Download
Whisper Particle System (Xmax only) Free Download
Max particle system objects created in collaboration with Julie Tolmie. The visualization is a rational particle system based on cyclic group theory. The deltafield smear is reverese engineered from G-Force by Andy O'mera. The entire package was used as part of "whisper", an installation work that involved the use of wearable costumes to control visuals and sound (Thecla Schiphorst, Susan Kozel, et al.)
symchange (xmax and 0s/9 max) Free Download